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2021年09月07日 Naoko Saito, “Proposal for University Education based upon John Dewey’s Views on Science,” in the symposium, “the University and Science” at the 31st Annual Meeting of the History of Educational Thought Society in Japan (September 11, 2011, online)(教育思想史学会第31回大会・シンポジウム)
2021年09月07日 Naoko Saito, “Mutual academic understanding? Philosophy, education and translation,” at the Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (Sunday, September 5, 2021, Online)
2021年02月16日 Naoko Saito (with Paul Standish, Steven Fesmire, Vincent Colapietro and Jim Garrison), Author-Meets-Critics: Naoko Saito’s American Philosophy in Translation (2018), at the annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (Online, Friday 12, 2021).
2021年02月16日 International Collaborative Course with UCL Institute of Education (Zoom meeting, February 6-7, 2021)
2021年02月16日 Naoko Saito and Tomohiro Akiyama, “Ontology of Separation,” at the annual meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society (Online, March 3 -8, 2021)
2021年02月15日 “Crossing Gender Divides: Transcendentalist Political Education,” at International Workshop “Education to Democracy,” December 18, 2020 (Zoom meeting) 国際会議発表(二国間共同研究資金)
2021年02月15日 “Distance Education and Pursuit of the Common at the Time of COVID-19: Ontology of Separation,” at Online International Conference, “Political Education and the Pandemic” (November 6, 2020) (JSPS Promotion of Joint International Research [Fostering Joint International Research (B)]
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