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  • International Frontiers in Education and Research (C) at UCL Institute of Education, December 12-14, 2014


Paul Standish (UCL Institute of Education)
Naoko Saito (Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University)

International Frontiers in Education and Research (C) was held in London as a joint course with UCL Institute of Education, December 12-14, 2014.

This is an intensive course “Lost in Translation and Education for Understanding Other Cultures,” jointly organized by the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University and UCL Institute of Education.


This course highlights the theme of translation. Through a reading of the films Lost in Translation (2003) and The Babel (2016) in relation to poststructuralist and American philosophical texts, we shall explore the idea of philosophy as translation as an alternative way of thinking about understanding other cultures and of exploring educational implications. Translation here signifies more than the “merely linguistic”: it involves the translation of the human subject, understood now as being inseparable from language and culture. In this sense translation is a condition of human being and is inseparable from the transformational experience of recovery from loss — loss of the self, of the meaning, and of place, and the loss of innocence that is part of growing up. The experience of translation in this broader sense has in fact already begun in one’s own language and culture: the other is already there in what is perceived to be one’s own.


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