2019年12月14日 Political Education for Human Transformation International conference, JSPS and CNRS (13-14 December 2019, Paris’ 1st University)
2019年12月14日 Book launch for Naoko Saito’s book, American Philosophy in Translation (2019). (UCL Institute of Education, London, Wednesday 11 December 2019)
2019年12月14日 International Collaborative Course at UCL Institute of Education (London, December 9-11, 2019) 
2019年10月28日 American Philosophy in Translation, by Naoko Saito (Rowman&Littlefield, October 2019).
2019年10月28日 Changing oneself: Message from Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Great American Philosopher, by Naoko Saito and Hiromi Kimura (Gento-sha, October 2019) .
2019年10月23日 International Conference, “Perfectionism in literature, philosophy, and film: a tribute to Stanley Cavell” (Hodgin Hall, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, October 17, 2019) Naoko Saito “Democracy as a way of life and An-archic perfectionism”
2019年10月23日 International Symposium: “Globalization, Internationalization, and Universality of the Philosophy of Education” (Hiroshima University, October 13, 2019) (教育哲学会第62回年次大会・国際シンポジウム)
2019年10月18日 International Conference, “Religion, acknowledgment and recognition” (University of Helsinki, September 30, 2019)
2019年06月18日 Panel, “Political education for living with the other” (Kyoto University, June 23, 2019)
2019年06月18日 International Conference, “Wittgenstein and Pragmatism” (Spienza Università di Roma, June 18, 2019)
2019年06月18日 International Colloquium, “The Thought of Movies: Tribute to Stanley Cavell (1926-2018)” (Paris 1st University, June 13-15, 2019)
2019年02月08日 “Continuing Cavell: Must We Mean at Fifty” — February 9-10, 2019, Boston University