2018年12月19日 JSPS-CNRS Bilateral French-Japanese seminar (Paris, December 16-18, 2018), “Democracy to Education”
2018年12月17日 Startup meeting: “Political education for living with the other: a Japanese initiative in international dialogue on American philosophy” (Paris, Sunday 16 December 2018)
2018年12月10日 Invited talk by Naoko Saito at UCL Institute of Education (London, Wednesday 12 December 2018)
2018年12月10日 International Collaborative Course at UCL Institute of Education (London, December 8-10, 2018) 
2018年11月06日 “Celebrating the Life and Work of Stanley Cavell”– November 9-10, 2018, Department of Philosophy, Harvard University
2018年07月10日 May 19, 2018, Panel, “Reconsidering the Feminine Voice in Philosophy: Towards a Cross-Gender Dialogue in Philosophy”, The 77th annual meeting of the Philosophical Association of Japan(日本哲学会第77回年次大会)(Kobe University)
2018年07月10日 Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, March 25, 2018
2018年07月10日 Philosophy of Education Society, 74th Annual Meeting 2018 (Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, March 23, 2018), Naoko Saito, “Educating the feminine voice in philosophy”
2018年07月10日 International Frontiers in Education and Research (C) at Kyoto University, December 10, 12, 16, 2017
2018年06月14日 14 June 2018 The Third European Pragmatism Conference (Helsinki, 13-15 June 2018, University of Helsinki)